POSTED: May 4th 2011

Munich 2018 promotes multi-use of Olympiapark venues to be eco-friendly

The swimming pool where Mark Spitz won 7 medals will be the proposed curling venue for the 2018 Games / lake images
The swimming pool where Mark Spitz won 7 medals will be the proposed curling venue for the 2018 Games / lake images

LAURA WALDEN in DOHA / Sports Features Communications

DOHA, May 04: The Munich 2018 bid delegation was attending the IOC Sport and Environment meeting in Doha, Qatar this weekend to promote the environmental aspects of the German campaign.

The delegation included superstar ice skater and bid chair Katarina Witt, ceo Bernhard Schwank, German sports confederation secretary general Michael Vesper, and Boris Schwartz, in charge of environment and sustainability for the bid.

A majority of Munich’s bid will include the venues from the ’72 Games in Olympiapark which have been utilized and renovated for almost four decades.

Schwank said, “We’ve got almost 99 per cent of the land required for the Games already being used hosting sports related activities. We just need another one per cent of land which is roughly the size of a football field in order to start construction activities.

“Not all buildings are permanent structures and will be environmentally friendly constructions. We have plans to renovate existing sports infrastructures in the city so that they are 30 per cent more energy efficient.”  

Katarina Witt said, “Sustainability has been the cornerstone of our bid since the very earliest planning phase. We have dedicated an enormous amount of time and resources to it and we are proud of the ecological roadmap that we have created.”

Green Party

Michael Vesper, who is a member of the Green Party, added, “In Germany’s Green Party, there are a number of different opinions about Munich 2018’s bid.

"But significantly, the Greens in Munich City Council, who know the bid best and who have been actively involved in the ecological planning process, are firmly behind us. So too is the party’s national leadership.

"The Bavarian Greens have shown some opposition, but we have won plaudits for the comprehensiveness and ambition of our environmental concept, and we now have around 50% support from them.

"In summary the Green party has always worked constructively on the ecological concept of the Munich 2018 bid and from the very beginning we have always stressed the importance of setting high ecological standards and sustainability."

Munich is running against PyeongChang and Annecy to host the 2018 winter Olympics to be decided July 6th in Durban, South Africa. There are 63 days to go until the exciting final vote.

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