POSTED: April 7th 2011

Gold Coast 2018 bid boost to Aussie morale

Ron Clarke and Anna Bligh make no mistake about their support / Gold Coast
Ron Clarke and Anna Bligh make no mistake about their support / Gold Coast

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TAMPA/GOLD COAST, Apr 07: Australia looks to the Gold Coast 2018 bid to inspire and raise morale following the devastating January floods.

The bid is strongly supported by Premier Anna Bligh and Gold Coast Lord Mayor Ron Clarke and both have committed to traveling to Kuala Lumpur personally on May 11th to consign the formal bid book.

Gold Coast is running against Hambantota, Sri Lanka, another city that was hit by a tsunami disaster in December of 2004.

Bligh said in a statement, “After the summer of natural disasters it is important that we continue to seek out new opportunities for our State.

“That is why I remain absolutely committed to our Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid.

“I will travel to Kuala Lumpur in May with the Australian Commonwealth Games Association to officially submit the Bid Book for Games Bid.

“The timing of the bid means I will miss at least one question time at Parliament and this is a measure of just how important I see this event for the Gold Coast and Queensland.

“I will be joined by Gold Coast Lord Mayor Ron Clarke and representatives from the Federal Government and Games executives and we will formally present the Bid Book at an official ceremony attended by guests from the Commonwealth Games Federation.”

The bid will be consigned and in June the Commonwealth Games Evaluation Commission will visit the bids to peruse their plans.

Different from the IOC the 71 Commonwealth Games Association members will be able to travel to actually see the bid cities. The IOC has banned site visits as of 1999 after the Salt Lake City scandal.

The Premier added, “If we do win the games, and I am confident that we can, it will be the only major international sporting event in Australia for the next decade.

“Like the rest of the State the Gold Coast has been through difficult times and these games would be a major boost in morale and an indicator of the better times that lie ahead.”

The final vote for the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held in St. Kitts and Nevis in November 2011.

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