POSTED: March 23rd 2011

IOC and Killy give Sochi thumbs-up on progress towards 2014 Games

Jean Claude Killy: Olympic champion and now analyst as chair of the IOC coordination commission / Sochi 2014
Jean Claude Killy: Olympic champion and now analyst as chair of the IOC coordination commission / Sochi 2014

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TAMPA/SOCHI, Mar 23: The IOC coordination commission completed its latest progress inspection for the Sochi 2014 winter Games by pronouncing that preparations are moving into “Games delivery phase” and going well.

Commission chair Jean-Claude Killy was accompanied by IOC Games executive director, Gilbert Felli in leading the team of experts who were updated on a full agenda including site visits to the Alpine skiing slopes and the sliding track.

Sochi 2014 president Dmitry Chernyshenko was pleased with the outcome of visit, saying: “We have made significant steps forward across all areas, including construction, environmental, legacy and commercial aspects in our preparations for the Games.

"I am delighted to be able to say that, with just under three years to go until the Games, 40pc of the planned construction work on the Sochi 2014 venues is complete.”

Killy said: “Once again, we’ve seen great progress during our visit to Sochi. I was privileged to be able to attend the very impressive first test event held here last month. It allowed the Games organisers to learn many lessons for the future, and we can see them already being integrated into their planning.

“On the construction front, the initial vision for the transformation of the region is starting to materialise, with infrastructure and venues rapidly rising from the ground. The mascots have been selected, and planning is reaching a new level of detail.

"Sochi 2014 is starting to bring its Games vision to life, and is delivering on the legacy of improving the living conditions in the region through bringing infrastructural and environmental improvements.”

Compact Games

Following the venue visits Killy pointed up a closer-knit venue plan, saying: “It is with great satisfaction that we saw how compact these Games will be, thanks to the efforts that have been made to scale them down and bring all the venues into a very condensed area in the mountain cluster. This has helped from a financial standpoint, and will also facilitate the operations for athletes and spectators alike.

“The Games are fundamentally about sport, but they are also about construction, transformation and legacy, and those four elements are starting to take shape quite nicely now. I have no doubt that Sochi 2014 will deliver a fantastic Olympic experience for all those attending the Games.”

Four key points

The IOC targeted four specific areas which must be kept in the forefront.

Firstly, the organizers must focus on gathering, training and coordinating the work force for the Games and their accommodations;

Secondly, a specific relocation plan for the current staff to transfer from Moscow to Sochi is needed and their reintegration into the local area;

Thirdly, they need to ensure that the Olympic transportation system can offer an elite level passenger experience which will be important for the success of the Games; and

Fourthly, as the region is developing into a year round tourism focal point, the hospitality industry must be mobilized.

The three-day agenda covered venues and infrastructure, product and experience, international federations and sport, National Olympic Committee and athlete services, media services, the Paralympic Games, marketing and sponsor services, Games operations and services, communications, the environment, culture and education.

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