POSTED: March 1st 2011

Witt: If Munich fails in 2018 Olympic bid it won't be for lack of energy and effort

Katarina Witt: long day's journey into Olympism / lake images
Katarina Witt: long day's journey into Olympism / lake images

KEIR RADNEDGE in Munich / Sports Features Communications

MUNICH, Mar 01: Katarina Witt wound up an intense day under IOC inquisition by promising German sport that if Munich does not land the 2018 Winter Olympic it will not be for lack of effort.

Bid chair Witt and colleagues were clearly feeling the fatigue factor after a full face-to-face with the Olympic evaluation commission which has already, itself, gone through a similar four-day routine with Annecy and PyeongChang.

Agenda issues centred on vision, legacy, sport and venues, Paralympics, the villages, transport, accommodation and environment. Witt was pleased that that going into detail beyond the broad canvas of the bid book had meant “our experts were able to shine.”

Stepping stones

She explained: “Up until now they have been almost hidden away so it was very satisfying for us that they should have been able to step forward to answer questions in details.”

The commission assessment is one of the most important stepping stones across the waters which lead to Durban and the IOC’s decision on July 6.

Witt said: “Our preparations have been going well but this is another piece of the picture puzzle. I don’t think you can win or lose on what happens here but you can make point more clearly than in the bid book or the presentations.

“You get the chance to extensively show off your programme and even enhance your strengths - and then it’s in the hands of the IOC members in Durban as to who deserves it. It’s won or lost on July 6.”

At this point Witt found renewed vigour in delivering her conclusion to the day’s talking.

She said: “The most important thing is that if you lose it’s not because you didn’t do everything you could. We’ve been giving 120pc and we have an incredible bid with an incredible city and the festival of friendship with visitors from all over the world.

“We have so much to offer with the history we have in winter sport, the audience and the turnout. Athletes from all over the world rave about events here. I can’t think of any reason why we should not be honoured with getting the Olympic Games.

“We have delivered everything we could as an entire team to maybe cross the finish line.”

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