POSTED: November 21st 2010

Swedish ski champion Wiberg backs Annecy's new compact concept

Pernilla Wiberg has participated at Nagano, Lillehammer and Albertville Olympics / Annecy 2018
Pernilla Wiberg has participated at Nagano, Lillehammer and Albertville Olympics / Annecy 2018

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA, Nov 21: Pernilla Wiberg, Sweden’s former Olympic skiing champion, was persuaded to throw her weight as a gold medallist behind Annecy’s campaign to host the 2018 winter Games after seeing how positively the bid had reacted to initial IOC criticism. She explained how she had been won over in her exclusive interview with

You are Swedish, you live in Monaco and are supporting a French bid. Why?

Wiberg: It started in Vancouver when Edgar Grospiron [bid ceo] came to talk to me and asked whether, when I had left the IOC, I would come on board. I just thought about it then because that was before the changed the concept.

I had agreed with the IOC that it was a very spread-out bid so I was a little resistant. However, then I saw what Annecy did after the feedback from the IOC in demonstrating that they were very flexible and could react to advice. Not everybody can adapt so fast.

The nationality mix isn’t a problem?

No, of course not. Being Swedish doesn’t make working with a French bid any problem for me. For example, I bring all my experience from working on the IOC and I am fully supporting this bid until the vote on July 6 [in Durban] and hopefully afterwards.

They have worked hard and it’s taken a lot of time and that has been very impressive for me. Also, of course, Annecy is only a few hours from Monaco and I speak French so, in that sense, it all worked for me.

Other segments of the interview will be upcoming soon.

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