POSTED: October 24th 2010

IOC looking ahead to set up illegal betting watchdog organization

(L to R) Jacques Rogge and Mario Vazquez Rana getting ready to take on the war against illegal betting / lake images
(L to R) Jacques Rogge and Mario Vazquez Rana getting ready to take on the war against illegal betting / lake images

LAURA WALDEN in Acapulco / Sports Features Communications

ACAPULCO, Oct 24: The International Olympic Committee is looking to set up the equivalent of the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) dedicated to eradicating illegal betting on sports.

The IOC already has a system in place that monitors sports betting and so far the Beijing and Vancouver Games have come through unscathed without any incidents.

IOC President Jacques Rogge says that it will take time to establish a viable agency and it took seven years to create WADA so he doesn’t expect a short term solution. Working with all the governments to coordinate harmonization is challenging and will take research and study.

The idea was also raised last week at SPORTELMonaco by the French Olympic Committee chief, Denis Masseglia, during a roundtable meeting.

Messaglia said, “All sides mostly agree on the need for international harmonisation [of sports betting controls] because the internet knows no borders;  if the rules are different in one country compared with another, then sport’s credibility will be affected.

“A lot has been achieved in a short time: for a long time illegality was associated with sports betting and sport had to develop something legal and responsible but which needs to be harmonised at international level. The International Committee has a role to play.”

Rogge affirmed during the meeting that the IOC is going ahead with the plans and has already drafted regulations penalizing athletes, coaches and officials involved in illegal betting.

The IOC plans to meet with government leaders in the beginning of next year to hammer out a universal policy against illegal betting along the same lines as the same model used to set up WADA.

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