POSTED: October 22nd 2010

PyeongChang 2018: New Horizons concept can boost Asian sports market

PyeongChang looks to New Horizons / PyeongChang 2018
PyeongChang looks to New Horizons / PyeongChang 2018

LAURA WALDEN in Acapulco / Sports Features Communications


ACAPULCO, Oct 21: The PyeongChang bid is making sure the message gets across that it is determined to bring home gold for this third Olympic bid and boost the Asian sports market. Obviously, the Korean bid is possibly the most advanced proposal as far as initial preparation is concerned.

The presentation was opened by bid chairman and head of Korean Air Yang Ho Cho who said two past defeats had not fazed them at all.

He added: "Determination is my new favorite Olympic word. PyeongChang 2018 aspires to offer the Olympic Movement and the world of winter sports a legacy of new growth and new potential like never before - a world of'New Horizons.

"Interest in winter sports is growing fast in Asia. Each year 1.5m foreign tourists visit Korea to enjoy our winter activities and that number is increasing. Our efforts will expand Olympic interest across our continent and will connect winter sports to millions of new hearts and minds."

The delegation included Kwang Jae Lee, Governor of Gangwon Province, Yong Sung Park, head of the Korean NOC, Dae-Seong Moon taekwondo gold medalist and IOC Member, and Theresa Rah, PyeongChang 2018 Communications Director. IOC member Kun Hee Lee and Samsung chair was also present on the podium in support of the bid.

Governor Lee, attending ANOC for the first time, said: "PyeongChang is my home town and the entire government and 91pc of the people support this bid. We have worked hard to keep our promises. The city is ready to welcome you in 2018, see you in PyeongChang.”  

Poised and professional spokesperson Theresa Rah noted that as of eight years ago when PyeongChang was starting its first bid, the Alpensia Cluster was just a plan on paper. Since then a substantial $1.5bn investment has been sunk into developing what is now a full-blown winter and summer resort area.

PyeongChang is offering new programmes will include free training camps for athletes from countries without sufficient winter sports training facilities. Also, on the hospitality side, it is offering all NOCs a space for an 'NOC House' with no 'minimum stay requirement' in any of the PyeongChang 2018 Villages.

New to the bid was a "Best of Korea" projected plan focusing on offering a rich cultural experience. This would involve bringing in restaurants, shopping malls, specialty stores, music, dance and entertainment during Games time.

Rah said: "Imagine the excitement of the Winter Games, the beauty of the Orient and the best of what Korea has to offer.”

The Gangwon Province already has a strong youth program in place called the Dream Program where young athletes from snowless countries are given the opportunity to experience winter sports.

As Cho said, the bid was "simple but powerful” and a strong contender for the race.

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