POSTED: October 21st 2010

Olympian Horacio de la Vega: Annecy 2018 is listening to the athletes

(L to R) Edgar Grospiron and Horacio de la Vega in Acapulco / Annecy 2018
(L to R) Edgar Grospiron and Horacio de la Vega in Acapulco / Annecy 2018

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ACAPULCO, Oct 20: Horacio de la Vega, Mexican Olympian and Guadalajara 2011 Pan-Am Games representative has boosted Team Annecy on the eve of a crucial presentation at the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), by declaring his hopes of success in their bid to host the 2018 Winter Games.


De La Vega, 1996 and 2000 Pentathlon Olympian and marketing director for the Guadalajara 2011 Games in Acapulco, met with Edgar Grospiron, Annecy 2018 CEO and 1992 Moguls Olympic Champion to share their passion for sports and exchanged on their Olympic experience and their shared vision to host successful major sports events.


Both men agreed on the necessity of involvement from athletes in order to design events that celebrate the true spirit of sports and inspire all generations to engage in physical activity.


Today, Grospiron and the team of champions who lead the French bid will present to the ANOC members their new compact and high performance concept, designed to answer each of the needs of the Olympic Family, hoping to bring momentum to Annecy 2018 in the final months of the Olympic Bidding race.


Meeting at the ANOC General Assembly, De La Vega, who has lived and studied in Lyon in France spoke highly of the French passion for winter sports and said he hoped Annecy would be successful in their bid.


“I lived and studied in Lyon in France and I therefore have had the chance to witness firsthand the French passion for winter sport and know-how in organizing major sport events,” he said.


“Annecy 2018 is led by Champions who are passionate about the Games. I hope they will win the right to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games for a fantastic celebration of sport and inclusion in the heart of the French Alps,” he added.


"I am impressed by the commitment from the greatest French Champions behind Annecy's Bid. These champions gave their best during competitions and today they demonstrate the same passion, winning spirit, hard work and focus to bring the Winter Games to France. Their involvement is a true asset for the French Bid and I am sure that Team Annecy 2018 will be very convincing in front of the Olympic Family tomorrow.”


Grospiron said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to meet with Horacio de la Vega today. Horacio’s support gives us a great momentum before presenting our new project to the ANOC members. This encounter further stokes our already profound desire and motivation to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Annecy in 2018.


All along our Olympic campaign, we are listening and learning from athletes and Olympic Family members of all horizons to make sure we include and fully answer their needs. Annecy 2018 especially aims to offer athletes with the best possible stage to perform in a fun and friendly environment."

"Annecy is in the running for the 2018 winter Games against PyeongChang and Munich. All three strong contenders the final vote will take place in Durban, South Africa in July of 2011.

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