POSTED: September 28th 2010

Munich 2018: Environmental sustainability a priority in Games campaign

Attention to the environment is high on the list for the German bid / Munich 2018
Attention to the environment is high on the list for the German bid / Munich 2018

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications


TAMPA/MUNICH, Sept 28: The Munich 2018 bid is working closely with numerous environmental organizations to develop a solid sustainability concept for Germany if they are elected to host the winter Games.


Michael Vesper, head of the bid’s advisory board said, “The sustainability concept of the Munich 2018 bid will set new standards when it comes to creating a lasting Olympic Games legacy.


“In cooperation with many environmental associations and institutes, we have been able to develop and enhance a groundbreaking sustainability concept. This has always been, and will remain, a crucial part of Munich´s plans to host the Winter Games in 2018.”

Professor Dr. Ralf Roth of the German Sports University in Cologne explained that already 99% of the land required for all Munich 2018 venues is currently being used or is temporarily in use for sports.

The only additional land we require is 0.48 hectares of meadowland and 0.65 hectares of forest – in total, not even the size of a football pitch.

Roth said, “Only 1% of all areas will be modified purely for the Olympic Games. That would represent truly world class standard in sustainability. Should Munich be selected to host the Winter Games in 2018, we look forward to being involved and contributing to a major event that will provide a wealth of lasting benefits for Germany and the Olympic family.” 

Thomas Urban of the German Alpine Association (Deutscher Alpenverein, DAV) noted, "As a representative of DAV I am absolutely convinced that Munich´s concept will enable them to host an environmentally friendly and sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. This ambitious plan will set new global green standards in sustainability and environmental protection for global sports events."

The IOC will select the host city for the 2018 Olympic Games in July 2011 at the IOC session in Durban, South Africa.

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