POSTED: August 23rd 2010

UIPM: Modern pentathlon evolves into the future with laser sports pistols

Athletes try out the new laser pistols in the competition / Singapore 2010
Athletes try out the new laser pistols in the competition / Singapore 2010

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA/SINGAPORE, Aug 23: The UIPM has made great strides to modernize the sport by changing out the traditional pellet-firing guns with lasers for the shooting competition. Modern pentathlon is a sport comprised of five sports disciplines rolled into one: running, fencing, equestrian, swimming and shooting.

It was invented by the founder of the modern Olympic movement, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and made its debut in the Olympic Games in 1912.

The innovation was launched at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games and the new approach was embraced by the athletes as well as UIPM decision makers. UIPM President Klaus Schormann confirmed that the new laser technique would be used in London for the 2012 Games.

Prince Albert of Monaco, IOC member and honorary president of the UIPM, attended the women's individual event and gave the new laser pistols a thumbs up.

He said, “I really believe that the lasers will increase the interest of the media and introduce a whole new generation of athletes to our sport. At the same time keeping Modern Pentathlon as the sport for the complete athlete as Pierre de Coubertin wished.”

The Prince noted on the improvement of the sport and that the laser guns would facilitate the practicality of traveling with sports weapons on airplanes.

The UIPM also moved to change the mixed relay event where now teams comprising one girl and one boy will be drawn together based on athletes' results in the individual event.

"I've seen other mixed events, and here athletes really have an interest," he said. "It means they don't always view each other as rivals, because you have to work together. And it's a great learning tool and a great way to integrate people."

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