POSTED: August 8th 2010

Annecy 2018: Europe's biggest fireworks display lights up Olympic campaign

This year over 150,000 enjoyed the festivities / O.JACQUOT/ANNECY TOURISME
This year over 150,000 enjoyed the festivities / O.JACQUOT/ANNECY TOURISME

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TAMPA/ANNECY, Aug 8: The Annecy 2018 bid had a chance to reignite the excitement for hosting the Olympic winter Games as over 150,000 spectators gathered to watch the biggest fireworks display in Europe at the proposed area for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Accompanied by music the 150 year old tradition fit right in with the bid for an exciting taste to come if the French lakeside city wins the 2018 winter Olympics.

The Lake Festival "Fête du Lac" featured an hour and a half pyrotechnic display over the lake glimmering over the water and lighting up the mountains with spectacular visuals.  

The setting was appropriately Pâquier lawns by the lake – the proposed site for the opening and closing 2018 Games’ ceremonies in the Annecy bid plan. The fireworks display was shot from the lakeshore.

The Lake Festival has a tradition of taking place the first Saturday in August and stands are set up for 40,000 people on the lawns. Watchers filled in around the lake and in boats docked around the launching area. The illumination is so great that nearby villages can also enjoy the spectacle.

The festival has a 150 year tradition that dates back to when the Duchy of Savoy region was incorporated into France. The region was eventually to become the modern-day French regions of Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie were guests visiting the city during 29 - 31 August 1860 and the tradition was launched to commemorate the event. The popularity has soared over the years and it is an important annual appointment both for its tourism qualities and also for region’s history.

The tradition fits extremely well with the plan for the Annecy 2018 Olympic bid to showcase the event for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Annecy is running against PyeongChang and Munich to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The final vote will take place in Durban, South Africa in July of 2011 at the IOC session.

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