POSTED: August 4th 2010

Munich 2018 counts new star athlete ambassadors behind the bid

The Munich bid has attracted support even from summer athletes such as world champion kiteboarder Kristen Boese / Gavin Buttler
The Munich bid has attracted support even from summer athletes such as world champion kiteboarder Kristen Boese / Gavin Buttler

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TAMPA/MUNICH, Aug 4: Munich 2018 announced today another 26 elite athletes behind the bid to bring the Games back to Germany. This makes an athlete support team of 98 collectively winning 57 Olympic medals and 57 world championships including Felix Loch, Andrea Henkel, Gerd Schönfelder, André Lange and Jenny Wolf.

The athlete community gains motion and demonstrates the passion behind the bid in favor of the Olympics and Paralympics rallying domestic support. The excitement is so contagious they are also gathering athletes from summer sports and high profile non-Olympic champions.

Will Bogner, ceo of the Munich bid, says, “Munich 2018 is now supported by 98 sports stars as ambassadors – this must be unique in the Olympic and Paralympic winter bid process. The Olympic and Paralympic Games thrive on spectator enthusiasm and the exceptional achievements of the athletes.

“All of our new ambassadors have achieved extraordinary success in their respective sports and the involvement of such popular stars with Munich 2018 will further fuel the German passion for hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.”

The new athlete supporters have strong careers ahead of them: Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Bronze Medallist in Super G - Anna Schaffelhuber (aged 17); Vancouver 2010 Bronze Medallist in Nordic Combined - Johannes Rydzek (19); Vancouver 2010 Olympic Champion in Luge - Felix Loch (21); Vancouver 2010 Bronze Medallist in Women’s Luge - Natalie Geisenberger (22); and Vancouver 2010 Bronze Medallist in Nordic Combined - Eric Frenzel (22).

Paralympian skier Anna Schaffelhuber spoke on behalf of the athletes, “We are all convinced that the world’s finest winter athletes will find that Munich, Bavaria and Germany will offer the best possible environment to achieve their best performances as well have the most wonderful and memorable time of their lives.”

Many of the ambassadors are inspired by the desire to compete at the Olympics on home ground. Speed skaters Jenny Wolf, Katrin Mattscherodt, Daniela Anschütz-Thoms are all rooting for a chance to get on Olympic ice in the venues at the iconic Munich Olympic Park.

NHL player for the Atlanta Thrashers Christoph Schubert wants to realize his Olympic Dream to represent Germany in hometown Munich at the 2018 Games.

Alpine skier Marina Kiehl, Biathlete Andrea Henkel and snowboard-cross athletes David Speiser and Konstantin Schad all are excited at the prospect of seeing the world’s finest alpine contenders back at Garmisch-Partenkirchen home of the ‘36 winter Games.
Even summer athletes are behind the bid such as sports model and Guinness World Record holder kiteboarding champion Kristen Boese. She is joined by Dominik Klein who represented his country on home turf at the national Handball team in the 2007 World Championships.

Boese is an avid supporter of Olympic events and even is behind the just launched bid to bring kiteboarding to the Rio 2016 Olympic programme.

She said, "I strongly support the Munich 2018 bid because I believe that the historic venue would not only be a spectacular stage for the Olympic Winter Games
but the Two-Park Concept will also make it easy and fast for athletes to get to the competition sites.

"On top of that the environmental concept for Munich is very unique and would make sure to impact nature to an absolute minimum which should be a very important deciding factor today."

Munich is competing to host the 2018 winter Olympics against Annecy and PyeongChang. With less than a year to go the final vote will take place at Durban, South Africa in July at the IOC Session.

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