POSTED: July 15th 2010

Munich 2018 gets stakeholders budget boost for winter Games plan

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA/MUNICH, July 15: Stakeholders of the Munich 2018 Olympic bid gave a unanimous thumbs-up to a 10 per cent budget rise taking it to €33 million.

Ceo Will Bogner reaffirmed his commitment to the bid after speaking out in the Sueddeutschen Zeitung calling on the government to cover necessary funding to take the bid full term. Local government authorities were reticent to bring tax payers’ money into the bid budget.

Bogner said, “All doubts have been erased. The stakeholders and the Bid Committee have unanimously agreed on an economic plan which strengthens our position heading into the Candidate City phase. We have clarified our objectives and ensured a strong foundation to build them on.”

Thomas Bach, IOC vice president and president of the board of stakeholders, “It’s a day for great optimism! That’s the consensus among both the Supervisory Board and the stakeholders. There is a real sense of togetherness and positivity for the future of Munich’s bid. We discussed a huge number of crucial topics in the last few hours, but we have come to unanimous decisions with the Bid Committee on all of them.
"We’ve had a frank assessment of the current situation of our bid and of the IOC’s report. The core aspects we have identified in our bid, the two pillars of venue concept and environmental concept, were the aspects praised especially by the IOC. We have other leading positions, of course, but we can take great confidence from this. Moreover, I must add that €22 million [in financing already guaranteed] is exceptional for a bid at this stage.”

Bach also confirmed better channels of communication between the stakeholders and the bid team. And the mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, confirmed, “On a long journey, bumps in the road are inevitable. We may have encountered a bump this week, be we have navigated around it and now we have a clear path ahead.’

Munich is in the running in the 2018 bid race against PyeongChang and Annecy with the vote taking place at the IOC session in Durban, South Africa next July 2011. 

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