POSTED: June 23rd 2010

Rogge clarifies 2018 bid candidature status and possibilities

Mark Adams IOC communications chief and IOC President Jacques Rogge /  lake images
Mark Adams IOC communications chief and IOC President Jacques Rogge / lake images

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

LAUSANNE, June 23: IOC President Jacques Rogge meeting with reporters at the conclusion of two days of executive board meetings and gave further clarifications on the decision about the 2018 winter candidate cities. 

Annecy, Munich and PyeongChang all were lifted to candidate status by the IOC executive board yesterday with restrictions on Annecy's plan.

The president said, “We had a report by a panel of experts that guided us in the decision to go from applicant cities to candidate cities. The report was that the three cities were capable of organizing good Games.

He continued, “The report highlighted the fact that Munich and PyeongChang were presenting low risk and that Annecy had the potential to have good Games. This was if they concentrate more on different venues than those that were foreseen in the original plan.

“We had the assurance that the potential was there, so we decided to continue with the candidature of Annecy albeit with the advice to change the format of the presentation.

Given the situation that there were only three bids for the 2018 Olympics the question was raised if Annecy wasn’t excluded from the bidding process due to the low number.

Rogge continued, “No we were absolutely sure that according to the experts’ report that Annecy had all the possibilities to stage the Games should they adapt the concept. They have the time to do that.

“In other occasions there were issues with other candidate cities that were successful. I am thinking of London in particular who won their bid. The original report highlighted the obsolete transportation issues.

“London could reassure the IOC in the subsequent long term that new investments would be made with support of the government. And ultimately London won.

“An applicant city has to pass the first hurdle from applicant to candidate and then during almost one year you need to refine the concept and ultimately present it again to the members. They will then decide yes or no if the candidature is accepted."

So the president affirmed the possibilities for Annecy to revamp their bid and resubmit the second proposal. Annecy now has the possibility to confer with the IOC until they have an entirely acceptable plan.

The Annecy bid has the big advantage over the other two bids of having a national IOC member, gold medal skier Jean-Claude Killy, who is currently the chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for Sochi 2014.

The 2018 bid cities have until January 11 to submit their final candidature files to the IOC. These will consequently be studied by the IOC evaluation commission, which will then visit the cities on-site before issuing a report no later than one month before the election.

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