POSTED: June 22nd 2010

IOC approves all three 2018 bid cities: Annecy has restrictions

Bid cities teams from Munich and Annecy get ready to hear their fate / lake images
Bid cities teams from Munich and Annecy get ready to hear their fate / lake images

LAURA WALDEN in Switzerland / Sports Features Communications

LAUSANNE, June 22: The IOC executive board has approved the candidature of all three cities Annecy, Munich and PyeongChang that are vying  to host the 2018 winter Olympics.

PyeongChang and Munich's bids were accepted as stated but the IOC asked Annecy for revisions of the sports venues.

Gilbert Felli, the IOC Olympic Games executive director, said: "The executive board today decided that all three applicant cities deserved to move to the second phase of the bidding procedure.”

But he added: “It has been made clear, however, that Annecy needed to review its project. We look forward to working with the three candidate cities and wish them good luck for the year of competition ahead.”

The working group concluded unanimously that the Rhone Alpes Region presents "a very dispersed Olympic Games concept with 10 stand-alone venues and multiple athlete accommodation centres. This concept would result in a complex set of organizational, logistical and financial challenges for all client groups. The working group was particularly concerned regarding the 'Olympic experience' for all client groups, especially the athletes."

Felli also affirmed that this was a new request by the IOC for a bid but that in the past London 2012 had been retained on condition of changes in its transport system.

Extra clarification

The recommendations came from the working group which had discussed the technical questionnaire information for three days and, for the first time, was able to ask the applicant cities for extra clarification.

For the overall concept PyeongChang and Munich received the same grade of nine with Annecy falling behind by two points with a seven. Challenge points were both the Olympic Village plans for Munich and PyeongChang and the overall concept for Annecy.

Top scores for the bids were Munich and Annecy for their experience from past sports events and PyeongChang for its accommodation plan.

All three cities have until January 11 to submit their final candidature files to the IOC. These will be studied by the IOC evaluation commission, which will then visit the cities on-site before issuing a report no later than one month before the election.

At this crucial point of the bidding procedure, the executive board reserves the possibility of narrowing down the number of cities which will be given the opportunity to present their bids to the IOC Session.

As last year, with the 2016 bid process, the cities will also take part in a technical briefing to IOC members next May.

The vote for the 2018 host city will take place at the IOC session on July 6, 2011, in Durban, South Africa.

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