POSTED: June 18th 2010

London 2012 and EDF Energy celebrate Green Britain Day

Danielle Lineker, Jamelia, and Lauren Laverne all pledge to cut down their carbon footprints / Image: Team Green Britain
Danielle Lineker, Jamelia, and Lauren Laverne all pledge to cut down their carbon footprints / Image: Team Green Britain

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LONDON/TAMPA, June 18: Celebrities, Olympians and school children all combined their efforts to make a collective effort on the 2nd Green Britain Day to tackle climate change and make a statement for a greener future.

Hundreds of Team Green Britain students made green promises for the future by turning off computers and video games at night, encouraging their parents to recycle more and by opting to walk to school more frequently.

London 2012 chair Sebastian Coe, pledged to use more locally sourced produce and to grow his own vegetables. Andrew Simpson, Olympic Gold Medallist, pledged to use his car less and walk or use his bike instead.

Danielle Lineker, a celebrity Ambassador for Team Great Britain also gave her pledge to cut back on plastic shopping bags, the amount of football watched on TV at home as well as time in the shower. Singer and songwriter, Jamelia, pledges to offset her regular commute between London and Birmingham by using her bike more frequently and broadcaster, Lauren Laverne, plans to get back to the ‘Good Life’ by growing her own vegetables.

Hundreds of green pledge promises were presented to Greg Barker MP, Minister of State for DECC,  to mark the second annual Green Britain Day, created by London 2012 sustainability partner, EDF Energy. The pledges were revealed on flags signed by children across the country in a bid to encourage Britains to work towards a greener future.

Greg Barker MP comments “I’m thrilled to join Lauren, Danielle and Jamelia, as they go green to celebrate EDF Energy’s Green Britain Day. The work that they’ve done is testament to the simple and effective changes we can all make to save both energy and money.”

“Reducing our carbon footprints will make a positive difference to both the environment and our energy bills. Even small changes in our daily lives can add up to big differences so today I am happy to be supporting Team Green Britain.”

Last year’s inaugural Green Britain Day fueled the membership of Team Green Britain to the hundreds of thousands and even over 800 schools across the country promised to hold events to promote the initiative to learn how to reduce their carbon footprint by 20% saving energy and expenses.

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