POSTED: December 28th 2009

IOC president Rogge rakes Woods for serial infidelity

Tiger Woods recently took a break from the game to regroup his personal life / Image: fotosports
Tiger Woods recently took a break from the game to regroup his personal life / Image: fotosports

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TAMPA, Dec. 28: International Olympic Committee chief Jacques Rogge sends a message to athletes to remember their social responsibility as role models and focuses on the recent Tiger Woods revelations to drive the point home.

Woods’ reputation has come under blistering accusations as reports of serial extra-marital affairs surfaced hurling the billionaire golfer’s marriage to Swedish model Elin Nordegren on the skids. In the wake of scandal Woods has even taken an indefinite break from the sport to get his life back together.

The president speaking to El Pais this weekend commented that Woods’ thoughtless behavior was disappointing and calls for athletes to keep in mind setting examples for the younger generation.

“An athlete of this level must realize that his personal life is indelibly linked to his professional life,” Rogge advised.

Though he said that the ripple effect that the Woods scandal has had on golf wouldn’t necessarily influence the sport’s recent inclusion on the program for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Part of the traction to get golf voted back on the program was the appeal of top golfers interested in competing for a gold medal, potentially lucrative sponsorship revenues and stellar TV viewer ratings.

Woods was recently voted by the Associated Press Athlete of the Decade as editors acknowledged his 64 worldwide titles, including 12 major championships.

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