POSTED: November 17th 2009

How Barry Bonds wrote his name into baseball history

THIS DAY IN SPORT MARKS THE . . . sixth anniversary, from 2003, of the day Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants, and subsequently embroiled in the notorious Balco scandal, became the first major league baseball player to receive six National League MVP awards. In other sports, on this day in 1926 the Chicago Black Hawks played their first game in the NHL. In 1940 the Green Bay Packers became the first NFL team to travel by plane. In 1982 Liverpool midfielder Sammy Lee scored on his England debut in a 3-0 win over Greece. England’s two other goals were both scored by Tony Woodcock. WORLD EVENTS – 1558: Elizabeth Tudor accedes to the English throne as Elizabeth I. 1855: Discovery of the Victoria Falls by David Livingstone. 1937: Birth of comedian Peter Cook. 1942: Birth of film director Martin Scorsese. 1970: Stephanie Rahn becomes the first Sun Page Three girl.

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