POSTED: November 4th 2009

Launch of a Russian revolution of the sporting variety

Dynamo Moscow line up at Chelsea with goalkeeper Tiger Khomich /
Dynamo Moscow line up at Chelsea with goalkeeper Tiger Khomich /

THIS DAY (NOVEMBER 04) IN THE WORLD OF SPORT MARKS . . . the 64th anniversary, from 1945, of the moment Soviet Russian sport dared engage, for the first time, with the outside world. On this day the Moscow Dynamo football team landed at Croydon (now Gatwick) for a legendary tour in which they drew 3-3 with Chelsea, beat Cardiff City 10-0 and won 4-3 in the Highbury fog against an Arsenal side reinforced with Stanley Matthews. They then drew 2-2 against Rangers in Glasgow. Matthews described them as “the finest side ever to have visited these shores.” In other sports, in 1960, in basketball, Philadelpia’s Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia) set an NBA record when he missed all 10 of his free throws. In 2001 the Arizona Diamondbacks won their first World Series, beating the New York Yankees 3-2 in game 7. WORLD EVENTS – 1843: Lord Nelson’s statute is placed atop the column in London’s Trafalgar Square. 1879: The first cash register is patended by an Ohio saloon owner. 1890: Opening of the City Branch of the London underground, the city’s first electrified railway system. 1916: Birth of US journalist and broadcaster Walter Cronkite. 1918: Death in action on the Western Front of war poet Wilfred Owen - though his family did not learn the news until after the Armistice a week later. 1922: Archeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon uncover first evidence of the Tomb of Tutankhamun.

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