POSTED: November 3rd 2009

Joe Namath given the full front-page treatment

THIS DAY (NOVEMBER 03) IN THE WORLD OF SPORT MARKS . . . the 37th anniversary, from 1972, of the day Joe Namath was featured on the cover of Life magazine. Quarterback Namath was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1985. In other sports, in 1997, West Ham United’s Premier League game against Crystal Palace was abandoned after 64 minutes because of floodlight failure. Later it emerged that the power had been deliberately cut at the behest of an Far East gambling syndicate. Four men were later convicted of causing this and other similar incidents. WORLD EVENTS – 1534: The first Act of Supremacy establishes Henry VIII as head of the new Church of England after the break with Rome. 1718: Birth of John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich – who invented them. 1926: Death of rodeo star Annie Oakley. 1954: Death of Henri Matisse.

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