POSTED: October 21st 2009

Celebration day for Spain's history man

THIS DAY (OCTOBER 21) IN THE WORLD OF SPORT MARKS . . . the 76th anniversary, from 1933, of the birth of Spanish football legend Francisco ‘Paco’ Gento winner of a historic six European Champions Cups. Gento, a left winger nicknamed El Supersonico for his speed, played all his senior career with Real Madrid. He helped inspire the European triumphs of 1956-60 and then 1966. In other sports, in 1980, the Philadelphia Phillies won their first baseball World Series. In 2004, one of the longest Olympic medal wrangles ended with CAS ruled against a South Korean objection to Paul Hamm’s success in the men's all-around gymnastics competition in Athens. WORLD EVENTS – 1805: Death in action of Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. 1956: Birth of Star Wars film star Carrie Fisher. 1961: Bob Dylan recorded his first album, in one single day. 1966: The Aberfan tragedy – 144 people, mostly schoolchildren, died when a coal pit slag heap collapsed in South Wales, burying a local school.

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