POSTED: October 19th 2009

This day in the world of sport . . .

THIS DAY (OCTOBER 19) IN THE WORLD OF SPORT MARKS . . . the 76th anniversary, from 1933, of the day the organisers of the Berlin Olympics, three years hence, decided to add basketball to the Games programme. In other sports, in 1998: Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was handed back his boxing licence back after he having lost it for biting Evander Holyfield's ear. In 2002, 16-year-old Wayne Rooney announced his emergence on the football stage with a remarkable first league goal for Everton against Arsenal. WORLD EVENTS – 202BC: Romans defeat Hanibal, ending the second Punic War. 1745: Death of Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels. 1781: Surrender of Lord Cornwallis to George Washington at Yorktown, the end of the American War of Independence. 1812: Napoleon’s army begins its retreat from Moscow. 1937: Death at atomic physicist Ernest Rutherford. 1987: Black Monday, another Wall Street crash; death of cellist Jacqueline De Pre.

Keywords · October 19 · basketball · 1936 Berlin Olympic Games · Rooney · Tyson · Hanibal · George Washington · Napoleon · Rutherford · Black Monday · Jacqueline Du Pre

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