POSTED: October 18th 2009

This day in the world of sport . . .

THIS DAY (OCTOBER 18) IN THE WORLD OF FOOTBALL MARKS . . . the 46th anniversary, from 1963, of the day the International Olympic Commitee awarded the 1968 Games to Mexico City, still the first and last to have taken place to this day in Latin America. In other sports, in 1956, birth of Czech/American tennis star Martina Navratilova.  1968: sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos were suspended by the US Olympic Committee for giving a black power salute at a medals ceremony at the Mexico City Games. 1978: Death of English cricket legend Frank Woolley. WORLD EVENTS - 1860: British troops occupy Beijing, ending the Second Opium War. 1963: Surprise choice, by the Conservative Party, of Lord (Sir Alec) Douglas-Home as new UK Prime Minister. 1989: Ousting of Erich Honecker as leader of East Germany, presaging the collapse a year later of the Berlin Wall.

Keywords · October 18 · John Carlos · Tommie Smith · Mexico City · 1968 Olympic Games · Navratilova · Frank Woolley · Honecker · East Germany · Opium Wars

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