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2018: Annecy, Munich and PyeongChang enter the Olympic bid race

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TAMPA: The International Olympic Committee moves on to the next round of bidding for the 2018 winter Olympics and announces applications for Annecy (France), Munich (Germany) and PyeongChang (Republic of Korea).

The 2016 host city of Rio de Janeiro was just elected October 2 and they move rapidly on into the next round. Sochi Russia will host the 2014 winter Olympics which will prove an interesting challenge for European based Annecy and Munich. With two of the overall three bids in Europe this will make an challenging mix splitting the dominant decision making European IOC members.

PyeongChang was in the bidding for the 2010 Games losing to Vancouver and back again for the 2014 Games losing to Sochi Russia so, like Rio de Janeiro, this makes their third time and could be their lucky charm.

Germany has a track record hosting the Olympics starting with the 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen winter Games twinned with the Berlin summer Olympics. Then Munich held the 1972 summer Games that were tragically hit with the Black September terrorist attack.

France has a bigger history with Paris weighing in with two summer editions 1900 and 1924 and winter Games Grenoble 1968 and Albertville 1992. Korea has the legacy of the 1988 Seoul summer Games so all three nations bring experience to the competition.

Deadline for submitting applications to the IOC was October 15, the next point on the 2018 bid trail is March 15, 2010 as the cities must return the IOC’s questionnaire. Their answers will be studied by the IOC then in June 2010 the IOC executive board will select the cities that will become actual candidate cities.

At this phase they all three could be approved but this is the time that the IOC usually shortlists to cut the number of bidding cities down. It seems unlikely that with only three cities in the running that they will scale down to two. However with cities spending around $50 million dollars each for their campaigns in a global recession they may consider the idea.

Next point is on January 11, 2011 when the candidature files must be submitted to the IOC and the evaluation process starts with the IOC evaluation commission travels to visit all cities.  

On the 6th of June 2011 the evaluation commission report will be made public and then one month later on the 6th of July 2011 at the IOC session in Durban, South Africa the final vote will be made.

Interesting to note would be if the IOC holds another IOC assembly allowing the cities to meet in Lausanne at the IOC headquarters like they did for the 2016 cities this past June. The event proved highly successful for both the cities and the IOC members who are not allowed visits. However it does challenge the cities to do double presentations to the IOC members.

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