POSTED: October 7th 2009

American NGBs call for immediate resignation of Probst and Streeter

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TAMPA: The organization comprising the 43 national governing bodies for sports under the USOC umbrella has passed a "no confidence vote" regarding both the USOC’s Chairman of the Board, Larry Probst, and acting ceo, Stephanie Streeter.

The USOC issued a statement earlier today on Streeter's decision to not pursue the job of ceo however now the Association of Chief Executives for Sport (ACES) is also putting Larry Probst in the spotlight.

Following a 63-question survey among the 46 chief executives the results have been revealed in a statement:

See the survey results.

Statement from Skip Gilbert, CEO of USA Triathlon and chairman of ACES:

"The NGBs have the daily responsibility of running the sports in and around the Olympic movement, from preparing athletes for world-class performance to directing the growth and expansion of sport. Not only do these organizations create and manage the athlete development pipeline in this country, but the NGBs also collectively represent more than 13 million members and sanction nearly 60,000 events annually. We are the 365-day-a-year arm of the U.S. Olympic Committee and need the USOC to provide the leadership that enables us to drive sport participation, development, and success at the domestic and international level.

"Events over the past six months have caused the NGBs to lose faith in the USOC's leadership. The U.S. Olympic family has tried faithfully to muffle its deep concerns about the decisions and strategies made by the U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors, but we can no longer stand by and watch.

"This is not a 'vocal minority' speaking out, but an overwhelming majority voice. The NGB CEOs lack confidence in the ability of the current USOC board and management to move the organization and the sports community in the right direction. We believe the time for change is now and to that end, we respectfully request the immediate resignation of Larry Probst, Chairman of the Board, and Stephanie Streeter, acting CEO."

About ACES

The mission of ACES is to support and enhance the business interests of non-profit member sport organizations, share best practices, promote professional development and formulate a collective voice on common issues.

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