POSTED: October 1st 2009

'Green' Tokyo team makes IOC a once-in-a-lifetime offer

Danish Olympic cyclist Nicki Sorensen joining Japan`s Tour de France riders Fumiyuki Beppu and Yukiya Arashiro in Copenhagen / Tokyo 2016
Danish Olympic cyclist Nicki Sorensen joining Japan`s Tour de France riders Fumiyuki Beppu and Yukiya Arashiro in Copenhagen / Tokyo 2016

KEIR RADNEDGE in COPENHAGEN / Sports Features Communications

OCT 01: Tokyo should be awarded the right to host the 2016 Olympic Games because the city is making a “once-in-a-lifetime offer for the Olympic movement.”

Mikako Kotani, a bronze medallist for Japan in synchronised swimming in 1988, believes it imperative that the IOC votes to return to the Far East because of the Olympic momentum generated among her fellow countrymen.

She said: “I remember when I competed at the Games I was at my best and when it came to the event I achieved even better than my best at that point. Now it’s the same for all our people – for the athletes, for the young people who arer ready to be volunteers and for all the others who would be spectators.

"This is the right moment. For these particular people at this time it’s something they will remember for ever.”

Kotani’s assessment was supported by Aki Taguchi, two-time Paralympic shooter. She said: “The 2016 Games in Tokyo would be a transformative event, setting new standards for the IOC and IPC to demonstrate best practice around the world.

"Tokyo is already the most accessible major city in the world and before 2016 it will become 100 percent barrier free.”

Financial guarantees

The Tokyo bid team wound up its outward projection by emphasising the financial guarantees and, even more particularly, the eco-friendly agenda.

Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara also addressed perceived concerns about a “lack of passion”. He said that a majority of expert advice suggested that “we are past the point of no return” in terms of global warming. Nothing, he said, could inspire more passion in him than the sort of world this generation would be leaving to its children and grandchildren.

He emphasised how the Tokyo team had constructed a bid which not only recognised such concerns but incorporated environmentally-friendly solutions.

Ichiro Kono, chair and ceo of Tokyo 2016, reiterated the core messages about “the most compact and convenient Games concept for athletes and fans,” as well as “total financial security in these difficult economic times, with four billion dollars already in the bank.”

Kono claimed that more than 100m Japanese now supported Tokyo 2016 and tens of thousands of Japanese have worked for more than four years on its offer for the IOC.

The Tokyo presentation to the IOC will be led by Japan’s new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

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