POSTED: September 11th 2009

Dow Jones keeps Olympics future glowing

Vancouver: Winter Games host city, 2010
Vancouver: Winter Games host city, 2010

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA: Dow Jones has seen a strong 30.39 per cent rise since the Dow Jones Summer/Winter Games Index was changed last December to give a solid boost to financials for the Vancouver winter Games.

The Dow Jones Summer Games Index measures the performance of publicly traded companies that are official partners, sponsors and suppliers of the current Olympic Games.

According to a statement issued by Dow Jones: “As of September 10, 2009, the index is up 30.39pc since December 22, 2008, when the index components were changed to reflect the Vancouver 2010 Games. Worldwide, the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 gained 16pc while in Europe the Dow Jones STOXX 50 Index was up 25.84pc in the same time period.

"The Dow Jones Asian Titans 50 rose 24.98pc. Although all markets experienced gains since 12/28/08, the U.S. had the weakest performance with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 13pc. Meanwhile, Canadian blue-chips had the strongest gains, up 52.23pc in the same time frame.”

Two new companies have been added to the index Nike Inc. (U.S., Personal & Household Goods, NKE) and Suncor Energy Inc. (Canada, Oil & Gas, SU)as they have signed on as sponsors of Vancouver 2010. Nike will be an official supplier and Suncor Energy Inc. is being added as a national partner for the Games.

No companies have been deleted from the index as a result of the quarterly review. This will increase the number of components in the index from 35 to 37. As of Wednesday, September 9, 2009, the free-float market capitalization of the reconstituted Dow Jones Summer/Winter Games Index is up to $762.38bn from the original $691.01bn.

In spite of the worldwide recession the Olympic brand stands strong in all markets.

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