POSTED: September 2nd 2009

World Cup a help not hindrance, say Rio 2016 Olympic bid leaders

Rio bid leaders: Brazilian President Lula, Carlios Nuzman and Carlos Osorio / lake images
Rio bid leaders: Brazilian President Lula, Carlios Nuzman and Carlos Osorio / lake images

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LONDON/RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil’s staging of the 2014 World Cup can only help and not hinder Rio de Janeiro, if the city wins the right to host the 2016 Olympic Games.

That assurance emerged from both Rio’s 2016 bid leaders Carlos Nuzman and Carlos Osorio after a report from the International Olympic Committee’s evaluation commission on the 2016 contenders. Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo are competing with Rio to win the decisive vote among IOC members in Copenhagen on October 2.

The evaluation report had praised the social, financial and infrastructural pillars of the Rio bid while pondering whether the proximity of the World Cup might affect its marketing and communications strategy.

However, bid president Nuzman and general secretary Osorio rejected any such concern.

Osorio said: “We have always set our marketing targets at a very conservative level and the IOC itself has accepted that these are attainable. In any case, the World Cup marketing model is very different because it has a far greater international component. We won’t have any difficulties.

“As for our communications plans, these have always taken into consideration the World Cup. In some areas they double up and in some the products are very different. Once the World Cup is over we will have two years in which the Games will have total priority. We are certain we can deliver.”

Nuzman sought to reassure his IOC ‘audience’ over comments concerning inter-venue transportation.

He said: “This IOC report has been a real boost to us but it has also shown that all the four cities have more questions to be solved. One of the most important includes transportation and we are very confident that our plans are in line with the long-term concept and vision of the city’s plans for a full-efficient transportation network.”

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