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2016 bid cities . . . what's next? Part II: Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo

Carlos Osorio talks to Natalia Arriaga from EFE about Rio / Image: lake images
Carlos Osorio talks to Natalia Arriaga from EFE about Rio / Image: lake images

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

LAUSANNE:  - The second part of a two part series focused on the reactions of the 2016 bid cities during the IOC briefings and their plans for the future.

The bid process is evolving and the cities have to adapt to the new challenges. Sports spoke with the bid cities to hear their input on the next steps forward.

Rio de Janeiro

Secretary General Carlos Osorio: “This meeting was as good as a visit.

“The feedback from the members was very positive I think that Rio got its message across very easily. The reaction from the audience was very good because we were very close and we could inter-relate with them.

“Rio is leaving Lausanne with a very good feeling.

On Rio having bid several times in the past and seeking to seal the deal this time: “We still have very strong cards to play and our President, Lula, will be in Copenhagen.

“This race has been run in different circumstances than in the past. I think that absolutely the way that this process is being managed will give us an advantage to the past.

“Lausanne was more important for Rio than for the others as it gave us an opportunity to further explain and communicate about our bid.”

Brazilian technology created the touch screen video bid files so that allowed members to take a virtual tour of the city and focus on key areas.


Yoshimitsu Kaji, executive director, international communications: “We are very encouraged. Basically what we have tried to do is communicate our bid message to the members and create a great working relationship with them.”

“We are here in Lausanne which is the heart of the Olympic Movement. We received about 20 questions from the members, and we gave them solid answers.

“We finished a little under our time limit which was a good sign, questions and all.

“We had more than 70 members that came and visited and asked questions. It is clear that the IOC has a strong commitment to this initiative and we were happy to work together as a team.

“It is a better way to evaluate the bids and very precious. Winning the bid is extremely important for us but also creating a good relationship with the IOC members and the other bid cities a great experience for all of us.

“Of course we had to touch on the technical side of things with this presentation but we also touched on the emotional side of things. We have a rough idea of what we are going to do in Copenhagen but it needs to be altered and more refined after the input from this precious process.”

Next stop for many cities is the Olympic Council of Asia General Assembly July 1st then on to the Association of the National Olympic Committees of Asia July 6/7 to have a presence but not give any presentations.

The next key appointment for the bid cities and sports will be the IOC executive board mid-August in Berlin where the board will put forth two sports for vote for the 2016 Games. The cities will be busy lobbying the IOC board members.

Picture (above right): Tokyo was the only one to create an exact model / lake images

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