POSTED: May 13th 2009

Polls stack up for Tokyo 2016

Japanese fans turn out in force to demonstrate their commitment to sport, for the Tokyo marathon / Tokyo 2016 (above and below)
Japanese fans turn out in force to demonstrate their commitment to sport, for the Tokyo marathon / Tokyo 2016 (above and below)

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TOKYO: Tokyo’s bid to win hosting rights for the 2016 Olympic Games has received a powerful new endorsement from the latest polls commissioned by the city’s metropolitan government.

A 3,000-person internet survey conducted between April 21 and 23 by Cross Marketing assessed that more than 23m citizens of Tokyo support the bid and close to 100m people right across the country.

These figures compute to 69.7pc across Tokyo and 72.6pc within Japan and have been supported by a 1,000-person telephone survey which rates backing as even higher: 73.5pc in Tokyo and 80.9pc in Japan. This phone survey was conducted during the same three days by Adams Communication.

Results of both polls maintain the trend demonstrated by the most recent independent national poll.

This was taken after the recent IOC evaluation commission visit by the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper on April 27 and 28. It claimed national support for Tokyo 2016 as having risen to 76pc, equivalent to 97m Japanese.

The Yomiuri Shimbun poll also noted a support level of 82pc of Japanese in their 20s, suggesting that Tokyo’s bid team had been effective in relaying the IOC’s ambition to make the Games, sport and the Olympic movement more relevant to young people.

These statistics were welcomed by Dr Ichiro Kono, chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016. He said: “Whatever poll is used, we are talking about more than 20m supporters from Tokyo alone who will fill every venue, ensure a massive core of volunteers and create an incredible atmosphere. Many of them are young people, highlighting a bright future for the Olympic Movement.

“Our people love Olympic and Paralympic competition and also understand the long-term benefits that the Games in 2016 will bring to sport, society, the economy and the environment. Their growing support is the source of our inspiration and we will work hard to make their dreams a reality."

In addition to full venues, Tokyo 2016 is confident of achieving a potential prime time TV audience of 3bn.

The International Olympic Committee decides in October in Copenhagen between the rival four bids from Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

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