POSTED: March 30th 2009

Rogge pointer on bid sports

Jacques Rogge: neutral stance / lake images
Jacques Rogge: neutral stance / lake images

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WELLINGTON, NZ: Leaders of several of the sports bidding for inclusion in the 2016 Olympics may develop a sudden sinking feeling as they pore over the latest comment on the October vote from Jacques Rogge.

Worldwide spread, anti-doping credibility and audience attraction on television and/or in the stadium were selected among crucial factors by the president of the International Olympic Committee.

The seven sports who must consider how they measure up are baseball, golf, karate, roller sports, rugby union (sevens), softball and squash. These are going head to head for a maximum two available slots at the 2016 Games.

Rogge, once an Olympic sailor for Belgium but also a former rugby international, was asked about the bid sports in the land of the legendary All Blacks where he is attending the general assembly of the Oceania Olympic Committee.

He said: “The choice will be made on a number of important criteria. The first one will be the universality of the sport. It has to be practised as much as possible around the world. Secondly, the sport has to give added value to the Olympic programme and must contain something which will attract viewership either in the stadiums or on TV."

Other issues included “ethical values," a demonstrably effective anti-doping record and comparative simplicity of facilities.

Rogge added: “If you put all this together you have a pre-definition of the sport which must fit into the existing Olympic programme.”

The decision will be taken by the IOC in Copenhagen on the basis of proposals from the executive board after consideration in early August of a report from its evaluation commission.

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