POSTED: March 6th 2009

Streeter under fire already

Stephanie Streeter: change of style and direction /
Stephanie Streeter: change of style and direction /

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TAMPA: Stephanie Streeter has a mountain to climb if the USOC’s new interim chief executive officer is to rescue her own and the board’s credibility.

Streeter, a board member, stepped up into the public eye after the suddenly-announced impending departure of Jim Scherr. The coup shocked members of the Chicago 2016 bid team and prompted demands for instant explanations from the United States’ own national sports federations.

Patrick Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Chicago 2016, said: “I was disappointed. I don't think it helps in any way but I don't think it damages us. I was shocked. I'm surprised. Not happy."

Chicago must now waste valuable strategy time and energy - before the International Olympic Committee votes in Copenhagen on October 2 – in explaining to the world why it has replaced an apparently successful sports-zone officer with a corporate specialist.

Financial downturn

Streeter’s step up will certainly not reassure foreign IOC members who had hoped for conciliatory moves from the USOC in the controversy over its share of Olympic revenues. The worldwide financial downturn had already strengthened the hard-line stance of honorary USOC president Peter Ueberroth.

Leaders from dozens of the national governing bodies for US sports conferred today and have asked USOC chairman Larry Probst to join a conference call on Monday explaining Scherr’s exit and Streeter’s arrival.

Skip Gilbert, executive director of USA Triathlon, said: “We want to be able to say: 'We're surprised, disappointed, concerned. What is your side of the story?'” 

Streeter, in her own defence, said: “I have experience with new media – coming up with a different model to work with sponsors there is a whole host of things that we have touched on that are different than what happened in the past.”

Starting with her own role . . .

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