POSTED: December 9th 2008

Q&A: Prince Feisal of Jordan

TAMPA, FL: talks with Prince Feisal of Jordan on the second Generations for Peace camp held in Jordan November 25-December 5.

1 - In simple terms, what was Peace Camp 08?

The Generations For Peace Camp 08 followed on from the hugely successful pilot camp we held in 2007. We have welcomed 71 delegates from 16 countries – 15 of which are enduring some sort of serious current conflict (the other being Jordan as host nation).

The 10-day programme mixed theoretical classroom sessions facilitated by respected scholars in conflict resolution with outdoor practical sporting coaching under the guidance of professional coaches. The objective is to train leaders of youth on how they can use sport within their own communities to bring children and young people of all backgrounds together.

The programme encourages each youth leader to teach 10 other leaders of youth who can in turn teach 10 others and so on.

2 - How many people were involved - organising and attending?

I have a full time team based in Amman which co-ordinates the whole project and we have been indebted to the support of our partners for providing coaches in all of the sports that we have been teaching this past 10 days.

We have also been working with the Coaching Association of Canada and the Laureus Foundation who have supported us with expertise. Without the support of our partners it would simply not happen.

3 - What did it achieve?

We have been overwhelmed by the sense of unity among the delegates. Prior to the camp’s launch on November 25, very few of them had met each other before but now they have been able to share their experiences and expertise with each other.

Generations For Peace aims to build a network of likeminded individuals who can collectively contribute to a serious peace initiative. We have achieved so much in such a short time and it is satisfying to see that the curriculum we have created has worked so well.

4 - How many graduates - and how do people qualify to graduate?

There is no end target for Generations For Peace. This is a global initiative that will grow as more people become exposed to the programme. Already as a result from our first camp we have seen thousands of children enjoy sporting activity in areas where there was very little hope. It has brought smiles to the faces of young people that need it most and the cascade programme is all about spreading the important message of Generations For Peace through the delegates that graduate from our camps.

5 - What happens to them next?

Every Peace Pioneer knows they have a tough job to do. However, with the continuing support of my team, they will be able to return to their communities safe in the knowledge that whatever they try to do will be done with the full support of me, my staff, and all of the other Peace Pioneers from Generations For Peace. No Peace Pioneer will ever be alone and we will endeavour to ensure that each one has the resources and the expert support to implement programmes within their homeland.

6 - What links do they maintain with GFP?

The cascade programme is the most important aspect of Generations For Peace. The work starts the day they leave the camp and we have in place a network of people that can lend support and also help them source funding for the own local initiatives.

7 - What achievements came as a consequence of your camp last year?

Since Camp 07, there have been around 50 Generations For Peace projects in countries like Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine – countries that are still going through very tough times. Hundreds of new trainers have been trained and thousands of youngsters have been involved and some of the feedback received has really made it all worthwhile.

8 - Who chooses the regions, how do you find representatives and how are they verified?

Again we work very closely with our partners to ensure that the right candidates are selected for the Camps. It is hard work. There are 10 days with activity from 9am-7pm so we must ensure that the people attending really are keen to make a difference. Most have a track record of working with youth or are attached to certain agencies. We have been delighted with the caliber of our graduates to date and are proud of each and every one of them.

9 - Is there an age limit?

Anyone can be a Peace Pioneer. However we do want them to be over 18 simply because the curriculum at the Camp is very demanding. There is no age limit. Last year we had a delegate that was 67. Providing the delegate wants to see change and bring peace to their community, then they are welcome.

10 - What is the long-term aim of GFP?

The long-term objective is to make Generations For Peace a truly global initiative. We have already reached out to 16 countries and we have been talking to other countries about holding regional camps in the Far East, Europe and South America. The programme is open to all and we are working with strong partners to spread its message across the world.

11 - Is there a personal inspiration behind the project?

My father King Hussein was an advocate of peace and those values have been instilled in my brother, His Majesty King Abdullah II who has supported Generations For Peace from the start. Jordan is a peace loving nation and we strive for peace using whatever means are available and sport is one.

Anyone can play sport: man, woman or people with disabilities. It is inclusive no matter what creed, colour or religion someone may be. It has a track record of making a difference where other means have failed by bringing people together which is what we are hoping to achieve through Generations For Peace.

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